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Thursday 5 May 2016

BREAKING News: Lagos Man Who Climbed Electric Pole to Commit Suicide, Rescued and Hospitalized (Photos)

He jumped down and began slitting his own throat and blood was pouring...the men wrestled him down and had him in cuffs hands and feet
A suicidal man who climbed an electric pole to commit suicide in Lagos today and refused all necessary help to rescue him, finally jumped down after 9hours and attempted to slit his throat. He was rescued and is currently at the hospital receiving treatment. A Lagos resident sent the social media buzzing since 7:00am this morning after he climbed an electric pole in the Lekki area of the Island metropolis.
We reported it earlier that the man who is reportedly from cameroon was abandoned after all efforts including providing an inflated trampoline to resue him, proved futile as the man said he can only come down if N5million is provided for him.
He had a deep gash on his throat inflicted by roofing sheet he used to slit his throat

According to Twitter user, Ken Egbas, who has been live-tweeting from the scene of the incident, the trampoline was later deflated and officials from PHCN, Fire Service and also the Nigerian Police were forced to leave the scene, leaving him to his faith. 
Few minutes ago, the man was successfully rescued after trying to jump down from the elctric pole and attempted slitting his throat.
Below is how an eye witness reported the story;
Below is are photos from the hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.....

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