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Thursday 5 May 2016

'I have the blood of Arsenal in me' - Super Eagles player Alex Iwobi says

Arsenal winger Alex Iwobi has revealed that he's an Arsenal fan in and out and that the moment he signed for Arsenal as a child was a 'crazy' one as his parents were so proud of him.

Iwobi joined Arsenal as a schoolboy before progressing through the academy and made his debut against Sheffield in October. He has scored 2 goals in 20 appearances for the club this season.

“I have always loved Arsenal,” he told Arsenal Player. 
“When I was young, I was always waiting to watch the legends of the club play. You could say I have the blood of Arsenal in me!
“I have seen the picture of me [signing as child] in the yellow top. I remember signing – that moment was crazy, I remember smiling so much. My mum and dad were proud of me and they were there waiting for me.
“It has been a bumpy ride [since then]. It has been a roller coaster with a lot of ups and a few downs that I have had to get over in the past. Certainly now there are a lot more positives in my career.

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