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Wednesday 18 May 2016

Drama as Helpless Woman Storms Her Husband's Introduction Ceremony to Another Lady (Video)

A woman has stormed her husband's introduction ceremony to another lady to create havoc and chaos at the injustice. 
A 28-year-old mother has made headlines in Kenya after she stormed  her husband's introduction ceremony to another lady and raised hell. The woman who has more than 3 kids for the man could not contain her sorrow as she cried and ranted while disrupting the marriage ceremony. 
It was gathered that the husband had taken another lady for marriage in her absence. She heard about it and stormed the venue. The woman's visible agony has made headlines in her home country as a team of UK based society groups have taken up her case to assist her.
The footage has caused outrage on social media as people cursed the man for doing such evil to the wife. Many believe the man did what he did because the other woman is well to do.
Someone commented: "That man and his new wife will never have peace.The tears of his first wife is a big curse to them"
Another added: "People suffer and ask why...kati that woman ateledde mukidala nga awulila emilanga gyamune alowoza she is going to be fine???? Wama thanks Salma Nassozi and Ritah I have some kids cloths for her let me know where to bring them"
Watch video below:

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