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Wednesday 18 May 2016

Public Shame! See How Prostitute Disgraced Married Man in Public for Owing Money After Hot S*x (Photos)

Prostitute fight married man for not paying after service
A horny married man was left embarrassed and publicly disgraced by a prostitute after he refused to pay money for s*x. 
It was drama on Sunday as a married kombi driver was humiliated by a prostitute for not paying her agreed money after they had hot s*x.
The man identified as Magobeya was held by the waist, slapped and dragged by one Mai Taku demanding her US$10 for sexual services she had provided, H-Metro reports.
It was gathered that the married driver had gone to the prostitute for a quickie on a ‘play now and pay later’ deal before the Mai Taku shifted goal-posts demanding part of the money for her breakfast.
The two took the quarrel to the street as excited residents brought out their phones to record the rare incident. 
The incident took place at 1768 Egypt in Highfield of Kenya where Mai Taku is a tenant. Things got to a level were the prostitute exposed her breasts and threatened to undress which forced the man to hand over the money to her to avoid further embarrassment.

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