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Monday 17 October 2016

Chaos as Man Stabs His Best Friend in Broad Daylight Over a Girl

File photo used only for illustrative purpose
A man who was obviously enraged with his friend over a girl, has furiously done something fatal to him. A fight broke out between two friends has ended up on a fatal note as one of them died on the spot.
The two buddies were allegedly fighting over a girlfriend who is a drug addict.
According to Daily Sun SA, a woman identified as Kedibone Moshebi, who saw the incident, said she was closing her spaza shop in zone 1, Ga-Rankuwa, north of Tshwane when she heard the two men arguing over the girl. A fight then broke out.
She said she was horrified when she saw one of the men who happened to be her neighbour running towards the other man to stab him. The stabbed man ran and fell in front of her gate.
But that did not stop him to come and stab his friend for the second round. He then ran away.
Kedibone said when she realised that the injured man would need help, she rushed into her house and called the cops.
Kedibone said when the police arrived they went to her neighbour’s house. They allegedly found the dead man lying on the floor.
A manhunt was immediately mounted the suspect was arrested shortly after.
Police spokesman Mathews Nkwadi said a case of murder has been opened.
“The police are busy with investigations. The suspect was arrested and will appear in court soon.”

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