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Monday 17 October 2016

Omg! 25-year-old Son Kills His Parents in Their Sleep...His Reason Will Make You Cry (Photo)

Shocking case: The 25-year-old allegedly killed his parents while they were sleeping
A heartless son has left many people totally shocked after killing his parents for an unbelievable reason. A 25-year-old man stabbed his parents to death while they slept before going to an internet cafe and playing computer games, Dailymail reveals.
The man from Yanshi, Henan province, had said he killed his parents after they had repeatedly pressured him to get married, reports Huanqiu, an affiliation with the People's Daily Online
He confessed after he was arrested of killing his parents on September 30 after their bodies were found on October 8. After the evil act, the man then went to an internet cafe to play computer games.
The bodies of the man's dead parents were discovered when his 80-year-old grandfather reported a pungent smell coming from the house. Police later found the couple's bodies on October 8.  
Police located the bodies which were highly decomposed with wounds to their heads and chests. They had reportedly decorated a room in their house awaiting their son to marry and move in. They had also set him up on several unsuccessful blind dates. 
In Chinese culture, many parents want their children to marry young so that they will be looked after when they are older. The man had reportedly been drinking before the incident. 

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