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Thursday 13 October 2016

Horrific! Father Accidentally Breaks His Son's Neck While Playing With Him in a Supermarket (Video)

A man has been spotted in a supermarket accidentally killing his own son while playing with the boy. This is the shocking moment a man was caught on camera breaking his son's neck inside a supermarket. 
A really shocking footage showing the sad moment has since gone viral on the internet.
In the video, the father is seen playing with his son in a supermarket before he accidentally crushed him.
CCTV shows the man holding hands with the little boy while the son played and hung on to his father's hand from behind.
The incident reportedly occurred in Guangzhou, China.
Shortly after, the youngster swings off his father’s arms and the man loses his balance. He falls on top of the boy catching his neck.
The tragic accident, reportedly aired by the Guangzhou Broadcasting Network, has been shared all over social media in China in a bid to warn parents of the dangers of playing like this with smaller children.
Watch the video below: (WARNING: Viewer discretion advised)

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