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Thursday 13 October 2016

Shocker! Church Deacon Allegedly R*pes His 6-year-old Granddaughter...You Won't Believe How He was Punished

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A Church deacon who has been accused of defiling a very young girl has been given a really weird punishment to serve for the crime.  
A 78-year-old old man has been accused of r*ping a minor who happens to be his own granddaughter.
The old man (name withheld) from Ihiru village, Vihiga County in Kenya, allegedly committed the offence in his home.
According to Tuko, what has got people stunned is the way he was punished.
The man has been asked to pay KSh 17,000 (about N52,898) and a cow to local elders for allegedly defiling the little girl.
The man who is a deacon at a local church is said to have s*xually abused the girl and the elders intervened opting that the matter be settled in a traditional way.
He was asked to bring the money and the cow so as to be cleansed from any curse that may befall him for committing the act.
The deacon who allegedly committed the act mid last week has however denied he did such a thing to one of his grandchildren.
"I was told I would be jailed if I don't comply..I did not want to go to jail. My children helped to pay the fine," the man is quoted by the Nation.
He also blamed family rivalry saying someone was out to get to him using such allegations.
Area Chief Zachary Mwangale defended the move saying he had opted for a court case but the elders prevailed upon him arguing the case should be solved outside the court.
The fine, according to the chief, was decided during negotiations in his office.

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