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Tuesday 11 October 2016

Man Dragged Out and Burnt to Death in Front of His Mother and Grandmother...You Won't Believe Why

 File photo used only for illustrative purpose
A man who was being accused of something he did wrong has been given a thorough punishment in broad daylight. A man accused of being a troublemaker and being a thief, has been killed.
The man was dragged out of his home in front of his mum and grandmother. He was badly beaten and then burnt to death yesterday morning.
According to Daily Sun SA, the angry residents of Blikkiesdorp kasi near Uitenhage, Eastern Cape hunted down Khayalethu Ndzayifani (32), who they accused of being a thief.
A witness told Daily Sun: “At about 10am yesterday I saw a huge plume of smoke near my house. I thought someone was burning rubbish. But when I went to investigate I saw a person on fire.”
Another resident said: “People just watched as the young man burnt to death. They did nothing to try and save him. Instead they said they’d had enough of the thief who broke into their homes.”
Another witness said the residents had allegedly beaten the man with sticks and then stabbed and hacked him with a panga.
“A tyre was put on his neck and he was set alight,” said the witness.
Khayalethu’s grandmother, Johanna Ndzayifani, 67, said she believed it was God’s will.
She told the People’s Paper that her grandson had been accused of being a thief who terrorised residents for months.
“An angry group of residents stormed into my house in the morning and took him away. After a few minutes we were told he had been killed and burnt beyond recognition.

“His body was dumped at Endlovini squatter camp. His shack was also set alight.”
Residents’ leader Mondile Sityebi praised the residents for taking a stand against gangsters and crime.
However, he said it was wrong that the matter had been resolved so violently.
“We encourage our communities to have faith in the police,” said Mondile. "They should learn not to take the law into their own hands.”
Captain Gerda Swart said: “We are investigating a case of murder and arson. No arrests have been made at this stage.”

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