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Tuesday 11 October 2016

Unbelievable! Church Members Leave Many in Shock After Doing These Stunts (Photos)

A Lord's Chosen Church member dramatizing in Abakiliki
It was yet another embarrassing performance as some church members of a christian group engaged in crazy stunts on the road leaving many in shock. It was yet another shocking display of stunts by members of the Lord's Chosen Church in Abakiliki as they took everyone by surprise.
The members were caught doing all sorts of somersaults and other acrobatic displays as they got excited following the announced coming of their General Overseer. The folks were caught turning in dirty water and covering their bodies with dirt all in the name of 'being in the spirit.'
Many people condemned the act as totally unnecessary and capable of turning people away from God as the displays had nothing godly about it.
"May God save us from religion and help us understand spirituality.." someone wrote in the comment section.
"It is the members that is acting stupidly, I don't think their Oga would ask them to turn mad. I have their co-member here." another person added.

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