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Thursday 6 October 2016

Omg! Stunt Goes Wrong as Huge Snake Bites Man in the Mouth with Blood Gushing Out (Photo+Video)

Arteval Duarte was bitten by the snake
Things didn't go as planned for an activist after he was attacked by a snake in the mouth leaving him bloodied. A man was left in pain after he was bitten by a boa constrictor, also called red-tailed boa during a stunt to save the Amazon.
According to Dailymail, footage, shot in Jacunda, Brazil, shows activist Arteval Duarte getting bitten by the snake as he tries to put its head in his mouth - where he already holds a tarantula spider.
But, he was shocked as the snake attacked him leaving the spider to escape. He was covered in blood as he tried to free himself from the reptile.
Mr Duarte regularly performs stunts like this to raise awareness about deforestation in the Amazon.  
Watch video below:

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