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Thursday 6 October 2016

Unbelievable! Meet the Man Who Allegedly Eats the Intestines of His Dead Wife and Daughter (Photo)

Kitu Monyoki
In what will come across as a really shocking development, a man has been found out to have been feeding on his dead wife and daughter's intestines. A Kenyan man, Kitu Monyoki, has been found out to have lived with the corpses of his dead wife and daughter.
Kenyans were shocked when the news emerged and are still reeling in shock over the tale of the man from Kisii village in Kenya.
According to Tuko, the man has been living with two corpses in his own house; his wife's and his child's.
For three years, Kitu Monyoki has lived with two dead people in his house at Ndaluni village, Kitui county.
His wife gave up her ghost in 2014 while their daughter had died the previous year in 2013.  The cause of their death has not been established so far.
According to Munyoki,  his wife had told him not to bury her remains since she would be resurrecting in nine years.
For two years, Munyoki had preserved her body using strange herbs. Every morning he would lather his wife's remains with jelly before doing the same to his daughter.
He had  7 more years to do his ritual before his wife could resurrect as she had promised.
The strange detail that shocked the residents was that the bodies did not have intestines and it is suspected that the man ate them.
His diet according to his neighbors consisted of snakes, dogs and cats. He would trap snakes, cut the heads off before cooking and eating it.
Villagers say that he constantly bought dogs for KSh 400 but never kept any at his house which led  to speculations that he ate them too.
On the issue of the sudden disappearance of his wife, Munyoki told his neighbors that she had travelled to her parent's home in Tala after a short argument.
After his arrest , the bodies were taken to the Migwani sub-county hospital's morgue.  Attendants could not believe how the bodies were in such good condition yet not artificial chemical had been used to preserve them.

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