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Wednesday 12 October 2016

Shocking! Meet the Man Married to 10 Wives and Living in Two Rooms (Photo)

The man shares a two-bedroom house with his ten wives
A man has left residents of his community in anger after marrying 10 wives squatting them in a two-bedroom apartment. A polygamous man has come under fire from residents for failing to look after his 10 wives and forcing them to live in a two roomed house. The residents have complained after the man's children spend most of their days begging for food as they do not attend any school.
According to H-metro, the man identified as Fortunate Nyakudya of Johanne Marange stays with 10 wives at number 4660-58th crescent in Glen View 3, Zimbabwe including three under aged teenagers. Nyakudya is sharing a four roomed house with his polygamous church mate, Luke Muvambwi, who has two wives including a teenager who is currently pregnant. 
Better known as Mufakose, Fortunate has 10 wives who rotate to come and stay with him in Harare while some remain in the village. His first wife has six grown up kids and a number of toddlers. All the children at the house do not attend school at all, it has been established. One of the neighbours revealed to H-Metro that Fortunate’s lifestyle is disturbing and unacceptable.
“I don’t really understand how they manage to live in a four roomed house with such large numbers. There is a rumour circulating that the pregnancy that Fortunate’s daughter is currently carrying right now belongs to her babamunini (her father’s brother) which is really unacceptable.

“They make their wives give birth to their children at home and recently one of the wives had a still birth but they did not hold a funeral or even notify anyone. I heard they put the baby in a plastic bag and went with it to their village where they bury the rest of the deceased family members,” she said.
“Sometimes you really feel bad giving them only a dollar for washing clothes and dishes then pay them in kind because they have to provide for their families. There are so many young wives who live in that house and they are always moving from door to door begging for piece jobs,” the neighbour added.
The Johanne Marange congregation holds annual church gatherings where they usually come back with wives of different ages. The wives are said to be very secretive and don’t entertain people who try to access information on their way of living.
“When Luke’s child died, they did not tell anyone and we only knew that by noticing that his wife’s pregnancy was gone but we did not see her carrying a baby. I heard people tried to consult her and she completely shut them off,” said one of the neighbours.
When approached by H-Metro Luke falsely referred to Fortunate as his father and claimed that he had travelled and will not be around for a long time while some of the neighbours said that he had gone to work.

“The person you are looking for is my father, he has travelled and I have no idea when he will be coming back. The best I can do for you is to get your number and advise him to come and see you otherwise I cannot say anything on his behalf,” Luke said.
People have grown angry over time as men like Fortunate who do not have a reliable source of income go ahead to marry many wives they cannot look out for. It has become a problem to villagers who have complained endlessly on this and have advised men to stick to women they can cater for.

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