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Thursday 13 October 2016

So Hilarious: See the New Nigerian Defenders Assembled by Chelsea FC to End Defence Woes (Photo)

Louis Augustine (middle)
Chelsea coach, Antonio Conte has finally decided to make tough decisions in the defence line-up of the blues by axing some players to be replaced with some 'pot-bellied' Nigerian men to improve their title hopes. A Benue native, Louis Augustine who joined his two friends in a sporting activity for the purpose of exercise, has teased Chelsea football club of England with their group picture.
According to the middle-aged man rocking the replica of the Chelsea jersey, he will be joining the club's team line-up to salvage the stringent defensive errors of the club which has been alarming of late.
In his words:
"Following the poor performance of Gary Cahill, David Luiz, and John Terry, Chelsea FC has signed these defenders. This weekend game will be a great game."
His post has attracted hilarious comments on his Facebook page as different club supporters throw banters at him.

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