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Thursday 13 October 2016

See What Buhari's Minister, Amina Mohammed was Pictured Doing at the Abuja Airport (Photos)

Minister of Environment, Amina Mohammed being searched by a security personnel
The Minister of Environmment, Amina Mohammed humbly ignored her high-profile status to subject herself to the due process at an Abuja airport in strict obedience to the 'Change Begins with Me' slogan. One of President Muhammadu Buhari's performing ministers, Amina Muhammed joined the queue to board a plane at the Abuja airport recently.
The beautiful woman also patiently subjected herself to security checks without any preferential treatment as regards her status in the country.
Her action has been applauded on social media as the pictures enjoy massive viewership. According to top commenters, this is what is called "Being the change you want to see" as the real change starts with us all.
See more photos:

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