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Friday 17 February 2017

I Never Physically Attacked Tonto Dikeh - Husband Opens Up

Tonto Dikeh and husband, Olakunle Churchill
Tonto Dikeh's husband who has been accused of cheating and physically assaulting the actress opens up on his marriage crisis. Olakunle Churchill has said that he has never laid his hands on his wife, actress Tonto Dikeh following viral reports that his marriage crashed due to domestic violence and abuse.
Following the revelation by Tonto that she moved out of her husband's house last year, it seems like things are getting worse by the day after Churchill was also accused of cheating on Tonto with his now infamous personal assistant, Rosaline Meurer and other Nollywood stars.
It was gathered that Churchill had allegedly attacked Tonto physically when the issue of his cheating with the personal assistant came into question leading to an altercation that forced Tonto to leave her husband's house.
According to Punch, Churchill, who is the Chairman of Big Church Group and founder of Big Church Foundation, said in an interview that the allegations are false and a product of an attempt to blackmail him.
He says, “I wonder where they got such a ‘gist’ from. I don’t believe my wife will say that. Besides, I frown on such. This is apart from the fact that my foundation preaches against domestic violence at some of our charity awareness campaigns.

“It is obvious that these  attacks are aimed at dragging my image and what I believe in in the mud. Well, the truth is that I have never raised my hands against my wife. I have evidence of CCTV cameras in my mum’s house when this happened. It can be replayed if you want us to go that far.”
However, while addressing the issue of his alleged affair with the personal assistant, Churchill insists that it is a baseless rumour.
“It’s funny to me because I don’t have any female personal assistant. My PA is Mr. Paul, who has been working with me over the years. Besides, it was a sponsored blackmail,” Churchill notes.
But, this might not go down well with many as Churchill and Rosaline have been seen in many places together and even at events. Many say even if he claims that she is not his personal assistant, she holds a position in his organization that makes the two close.
In an online response to an enquiry by a Nigerian who describes himself as a concerned fan of Tonto Dikeh, the actress confirms that she is not in Churchill’s home at present.
She says, “When a woman leaves her husband, she takes along her child because absolutely nothing else matters to her but the child. This is what I did and I happily give all access for his father to see him.

“Now my question to you (the fan) is: ‘Did your source also tell you that he has never called for once to ask how his son is doing?’ I will admit, I personally blocked his access to me for the sake of my emotional stability. But nonetheless he has the nanny’s number, my assistant’s contact, my part-time help’s number and many other mediums of reaching the son your source claims I ‘took away’. He could use all possible mediums wisely if he wished to.”
Churchill has also confirmed that he is living apart from his wife. In the interview, Churchill says he is missing the boy. His words, “I have planned a worthwhile birthday party for him with friends and family members, but it’s sad that all efforts to reach him proved abortive  and this is affecting my business and emotions. The mum won’t pick my calls. I’m very optimistic that the family will unite together for King Andrea’s birthday even though channels to reach my wife are temporarily off.

“I see nothing in this current happening. It’s a phase of life. But I truly want to call on bloggers and social media addicts to verify facts before assuming. Every marriage has its good and bad moments. With time, it will be well.”
Everyone knows that Tonto Dikeh's marriage is in shambles even as the real facts remain hidden, however her fans have asked them to settle their differences amicably.

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