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Friday 17 February 2017

Woman Whose Husband was Allegedly Murdered in EFCC Custody Protests with 100 People for Justice (Photo+Video)

Suzanne said she wants justice for her dead husband
The EFCC has been accused of covering up the alleged murder of Desmond Nunugwo who died in the commission's custody. Suzanne, the wife of Chief Protocol Officer to the Minister of State for Defence, Desmond Nunugwo who was allegedly murdered in the custody of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission eight months ago has demanded for justice.
The woman who took her protest to Amnesty International has been assured by AI’s Campaigner (Amnesty Nigeria), Mrs. Esther Ikubaje, that Amnesty International will ensure that justice is done.
Suzanne, led over 100 protesters to Amnesty International Nigerian Headquarters in Abuja, demanding justice for her late husband.
Ikubaje assured the widow that AI would “look into the matter and assist her to get justice.”
“AI will not allow the late Nunugwo’s case to be swept under the carpet like other cases. We will look into the case and ensure that justice is done through a thorough and transparent investigation”, she stated.
Suzanne said her late husband died in the custody of EFCC barely six hours after he was invited by the commission for questioning, saying the EFCC failed to make public the result of its investigation.
She said, “This is our third protest to this place (Ministry of Justice). The first time we came here, we were able to see the minister (Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami) and he assured us that he was going to get on top of this matter but nothing has been done.

“All we want is very simple: justice. I mean Desmond died in EFCC’s custody barely six hours he was taken in and the next morning, the EFCC issued a press statement that it was an alleged fraudster that died in their custody.

“All we want is justice; probe all business that he did. Was it really a fraud? Or it was a mere business transaction that went wrong? Let them conclude investigation. Let us know. Is he innocent? Is he culpable? The Minister of Justice should please ensure that my late husband gets justice.”
Watch video below:

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