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Wednesday 8 February 2017

Kiss of Death: Teen Boy Dies in Agony After Trying to Kiss a Cobra in Photo Stunt That Went Tragically Wrong (Photos)

Somnath Mhatre, pictured during a previous snake kissing moment, died five days after he was bitten by a cobra he tried to kiss
A popular teenage boy has died after being bitten by a venomous cobra he had saved while kissing it for a photo stunt which went tragically wrong. An 18-year-old volunteer snake rescuer identified as Somnath Mhatre, has died after he was bitten by a cobra while kissing it for a photo stunt.
According to a shocking news report by Dailymail,  the late teenager had attempted to peck the snake on the head during the stunt, as the hooded animal turned on him, sinking its fangs into his chest.
It was gathered that the young man was rushed to hospital in Navi Mumbai in India, where he fought for his life, but died five days later.
Speaking to a correspondent, a fellow snake rescuer, who didn't want to be named, said: 'Somnath had gone to rescue a snake from a car at central business district Belapur.

'But after successfully rescuing the cobra, he took it to another location where he was attempting to record his act of kissing the cobra on its head.

'It was during that photo-op the snake suddenly turned and bit Mhatre on his chest.'
The animal lover, Mhatre who had rescued more than 100 snakes, died on February 2.

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