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Wednesday 8 February 2017

So Fearless! Beautiful Girl Caught Luring a Pile of Snakes With Her Bare Hands (Video)

The lady picked the snakes
A young charming lady has stunned many people with her really daring act after luring several snakes with her hands.A video has shown the moment a stunning female snake catcher demonstrated the perfect way to catch her prey – by using her bare hands.
In the clip – filmed in a village in Cambodia, the brunette is seen wading into a river to hide a snake trap.
She submerges the reed basket underwater then covers it with leaves and grass to camouflage it among the pondweed.
After leaving the trap underwater for some time, the snake charmer returns.
She uncovers the trap, empties it of water and discovers at least a dozen snakes have become trapped inside.
Despite the horror facing the slithering animals would cause most normal people, the badass woman fearlessly shoves her arm inside the basket of snakes.
She then pulls a massive bundle out and proudly displays them to the camera.
Dressed in hot pants and a black crop top, the brave hunter is gaining quite a fan base online thanks to her incredible videos.
Her YouTube channel has gained more than 1.2 million subscribers.
Watch the video below:

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