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Thursday, 23 March 2017

16 year old boy ties ex-girlfriend to bed, takes indecent photos of her, gags & burns her with cigarette before raping her for leaving him

A 16 year old boy who can't be named to protect his victim's identity, tied his former girlfriend and mother of his child to a bed and burnt her with a lighter before violently raping the woman while saying 'if i can't have you nobody else will', the Newcastle Crown Court heard on Wednesday.

In the horrific two hour ordeal, the teenager, gagged his victim with a golf ball in a sock, threatened her with a knife and a metal bar, tied her hands and legs, rubbed sandpaper on her arm, put a cigarette lighter on her stomach, took indecent pictures of her and then undressed her before proceeding to rape her, days after she ended their relationship.

It all started when the boy called the lady who also happens to have a child for him, that he wanted to see his child at his mother's home in Gosforth, and she agreed to come meet him not knowing his mum won't be around, then the unimaginable happened!

When she arrived the house, she saw that the boy had already prepared and laid in wait with four pieces of rope already tied to the four corners of the bed. 

The boy then bound her hands/legs to the bed with the ropes, rubbed her arm with sandpaper, put a golf ball in a sock in her mouth, burnt her stomach with a cigarette lighter, threatened her with a knife and a metal bar, undressed and took indecent photos of her, started raping her and told her he would kill her..

After the ordeal, the boy's mum returned to the house, and saw her crying but when she asked her what happened, she refused to tell the boy's mum due to fear of being attacked by the boy. The mum then went upstairs to smoke, then the boy continued his attack on her, this time raping her more vigorously, taking more naked photos of her and threatening to post them on the internet

She said in a victim statement to the court: “I will never forget what happened that day.”

The Judge, Edward Bindloss, who sentenced the boy to 9 years' detention in youth custody with an extended licence period running until 2032 said: 

“You had prepared for what followed.
“You had various items ready to threaten her with, and you lured her to the house.

“You became angry and head-butted her and said if you couldn’t have her, nobody else would.”

“This is one of the most serious cases of rape I’ve ever had to deal with.

“There is a significant risk of serious harm occasioned by you of further offences. I do find you dangerous.”

His defence attorney, Mark Styles, said: “He is a confused and troubled young man who has witnessed domestic violence in his formative years and that has left him with his own problems.

“He is a boy who was struggling to cope with the circumstances he was in.”

Story source:  Chronicle Live/ Mirror UK

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