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Thursday 23 March 2017

Face of one of the victims of the London terror attack killed as she went to pick her kids from school

London experienced one of the worst terrorist attacks in recent years yesterday as a driver ploughed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge then proceeded to stab a police officer to death just outside Parliament.

The identity of one of the victims has been revealed to be 43-year-old Aysha Frade. 
The victim was a teacher and mum-of-two and had been on her way to get her kids aged 8 and 11 from school when she was killed. She lived in London with her husband, John Frade and taught at DLD College. Tributes for the woman have been pouring in on social media.

Ramon Tombo Bastida wrote:
“Wonderful lovely woman. We will all sadly miss you. RIP Aysha.”
A comment from Begonia Lopez Martinez read: “There is a new angel in the sky… One amazing, extraordinary angel… Going to miss you!!! RIP lovely & wonderful Aysha."

PC Keith Palmer has also been named as the policeman who was stabbed by the attacker. The police have arrested seven suspects following a raid on six addresses including the address in Birmingham, London where the 4X4 Hyundai car the terrorist used to wreak havoc was rented from. Police confirm the terrorist attacked alone but investigations are ongoing to discover if he had allies.

Police have said they believe they know the identity of the lone attacker, but it has not yet been released.

Ayesha was born in Britain and married a Portuguese husband named John Frade. Her name before marrying had been Aysha Ahmet Caldelas. Her family are from Betanzos, near the Spanish city La Coruna, and Ayesha often visited the area, which was the birthplace of her mother. Tributes also poured in from that part of the world as they mourned one of theirs.

Andres Hermida, a local councillor in Betanzos, said on Thursday:
“Betanzos has suffered a terrible blow because of the scourge of terrorism. Our most sincere condolences to the family of Aysha, a woman originally from Betanzos murdered in London.

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