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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

From Fuel Attendant To Financial Manager, Man Shares His Motivational Photos

A screenshot of his Twitter page
A Nigerian man who had a very humble beginning has shared a pictorial transformation of his life from poverty to comfort. A man on twitter named Attai @Dacosta9110 shared his life story from when he was a fuel attendant in 1999 to 2017 when he is currently a Finance Manager. 
He said: "Your sincerely as a Pump attendant in 1999 and as a Finance Manager in 2017. Don't give up on your dreams."
 He is currently a happily married Chartered Account, ex-Student Union President, and a responsible father.
Attai and his family
The moral lesson behind this story is that youths should never be deterred by their current challenges when pursuing their dreams as there is no gain without pains, the process of learning entail stains.

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