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Tuesday 21 March 2017

I Was Put in a Cage and Flown Worldwide to Meet Clients - S*x Slave Sold at Birth by Her Own Parents Opens Up

The woman, known only as Kendall, spoke to Dr Phil for the first time since her harrowing escape from the se*x trafficker three years ago
A woman who was sold off as a s*x slave by her own parents, has opened up on the horrors she was made to experience at the hands of her owners. A woman identified only as Kendall, who claims she was sold by her parents at birth to a s*x trafficker has told of how she had six fake passports and was flown all over the world on private jets to meet wealthy clients.  
According to Daily Mail UK, Kendall says she managed to escape the 'man who owns her' three years ago but is terrified the international s*x trafficker will take her away again.
She has spoken for the first time of her harrowing upbringing with Dr Phil in an episode set to air on Tuesday.
Kendall said she was sold at birth and remembers being abused for the first time before she could even talk. 
'The man who owns me said I was made for that,' she told Dr Phil. 'I was kept in a cage that was hung from the ceiling.'
When she wasn't locked in the cage with other kidnapped children, Kendall said she was flown across the world on the private planes and sold to powerful men.
She said she would escort the men to black tie affairs and high profile sporting events when she got older
She said she would escort the men to black tie affairs and high profile sporting events when she got older. 
Some of her clients were doctors, politicians and even law enforcement. 
Kendall said she was taught how to act and dress in order to avoid suspicion that she was a sex trafficking victim.   
'For clothes, a guy would come in with a lot of expensive clothes and dress us up. I also had a hair and make up artist,' she said. 
She said she never handled money and that the clients would pay men who worked for the s*x trafficker. 
During her interview with Dr Phil, the petrified woman still referred to the boss of the operation as the 'man who owns me'.  
The Dr Phil episode will air on Tuesday, March 21. 

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