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Wednesday 3 May 2017

Beware of Fake Foreign Agencies That Promise Work Abroad...Here's the 'Evil' Behind It (Graphic Photo/Video)

Screenshots from the videos
A video footage which is trending online has it that there are fake agencies from foreign countries currently open in Nigeria and in several African countries which promise individuals with work abroad, but the evil behind it is shocking. A Facebook user identified as Vincent Izunwanne, has taken to the social networking platform and shared a video footage revealing  the evil behind some fake foreign agencies currently opened in Nigeria and in several African countries which promise individuals work abroad.
According to Vincent, when the victim finally arrives abroad for the promised work, he/she is immediately killed with the organs like liver, heart kidney removed in the process which the suspects sell for huge sums of money. 
Below is the message and the video clips;
Please when you receive this video make it widely known to save lives.
There are false agencies from China, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries currently open in Nigeria, Ghana, Kinshasa, South Africa, and in several African countries,
These agencies promise to work abroad, as in Dubai, Japan, Korea, India and several other countries mainly in Asia, work as a housekeeper, baby guard, etc.
The procedures for the papers to leave are the responsibility of these agencies. These agencies recruit more girls. When you get to their destination they kill you and recover your organs like liver, heart kidney.
These agencies use our greedy and heartless African brothers and sisters as their intermediary agents to accomplish this task hall. Their route covers Dubai, Cairo in Egypt, Libya, and Beirut in Lebanon.
They prepare the papers, they pay for the tickets and everything necessary, but when you arrive at your destination it is the end of your life.
The video accompanying this message was recorded by a smuggler who was unaware of the outcome of the so-called workers.
Make this message widely known and you will have saved many lives.
God bless you.
Thank you.

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