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Wednesday 3 May 2017

Why Yoruba Men Don't Mind If Their Wives Cheat - Funmi Iyanda Explains the Term 'Yoruba Demon'

Funmi Iyanda
Veteran media star, Funmi Iyanda who has officially launched her 'Ask Funmi' vlog series on her YouTube channel, has become a trending topic already after her revelations on Yoruba men's marriages and why they are termed 'Demons.' In an explosive video message posted on YouTube on Tuesday titled, "Why Do Men Cheat" and "Why Are Yoruba Men Demons?", popular Nigerian television personality, broadcaster and blogger, Olufunmilola Aduke Iyanda, better known as Funmi Iyanda, has given reasons on why Yoruba men prefer their wives cheating in marriages.
In her words: "I think a lot of things we call African culture are actually a confusion and bastardization of Victorian ideas, Victorian philosophy and Victorian culture.

"This is why this Yoruba thing is very interesting because what people don't like is that they are paired on one hand to be very Western and on the other hand they behave like bushmen who are polygamous in nature," she said. .
Funmi Iyanda went on to say the modern Yoruba man struggles in between traditional Yoruba values and Victorian principles.
"What you get are these young men who on the surface of it look like westernized men but deep down they have these ideas of Yoruba ideas of what relationships should be.

"Deep down the average Yoruba man wants to be like his great-great-great grandfather. He doesn't really mind his wife cheating as long as he doesn't know."
Watch the video clips below;

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