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Wednesday 3 May 2017

Busted: See the Beautiful Prostitute Who Has S*x With Men Before Drugging Them and Stealing Their Jewelries (Photo)

Yomna Fouad
A s*x worker who sleeps with her clients before going ahead to drug and then steal their jewelries has been nabbed. Yomna Fouad, a 21-year-old s*x worker has been arrested after allegedly drugging her clients before having s*x with them and stealing their prized belongings.
According to Daily Star UK, Yomna Fouad allegedly picked up a man outside a nightclub then took him home and drugged him before stealing $32,000 (£25,000) worth of clothing, cash and jewellery.
Fouad was arrested on Saturday after the man she’d allegedly stolen from saw her outside a Miami Beach night club at 3am.
The alleged victim told officers he met Fouad, from Columbia, South Carolina, outside Dream nightclub in March and went home with her.
“She said we should go back to my place and I said, ‘OK, sure’,'” the unidentified man said.
He claims Fouad, who used the name Amina, massaged him and felt like she was trying to coax him into falling asleep.
He told her to stop and they had s*x before falling asleep, an arrest report said.
The man woke up to find her gone and his clothing, cash and jewellery – including a Rolex watch – taken, according to officials.
“I woke up drugged, not knowing what happened, and all my stuff was gone,” the man told ABC 10 News.
After her arrest detectives linked Fouad to another robbery in May 2016, where she and a friend allegedly met the victim at a hotel nightclub and robbed him after he invited them both back to his room.
On that occasion the man said he went to get his overnight bag from his car but when he got back they were gone and $8,000 (£6,000) in cash and a $46,000 (£35,000) Rolex had disappeared from his safe.

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