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Thursday 4 May 2017

Meet the Man With the Worst Job in the World (Photos)

The man immersed in the sludge
A labourer in one of the poorest countries in the world has been tentatively voted as the man with the worst job in the world due to the dirty and risky nature. Diving down into a hole of sludge with his bare hands, spare a thought for this poor sewer cleaner in Bangladesh who has one of the world's least desirable jobs.
The man, who is an employee of the Dhaka City Corporation, has to unblock the city's sewer lines without any proper safety equipment.
He often has to go dig around underground with only a long stick to help him and with no mask to protect him from the poisonous fumes the sewage emits.
Scooping out liquid filth with his bare hands, the hardy worker has the thankless task of clawing out blockages in the bustling Bangladeshi capital.
Dhaka has a population in excess of 14 million and has recently been hit by major floods caused by heavy rains and an insufficient storm drainage system.
Despite the alarming rise in the number of deaths of manhole workers, cleaners are still not supplied with sufficient equipment and regularly have to enter the dirty sludge topless.
The worker has to clean the muck from the drains in Dkaha with his bare hands.
Despite a rise in the number of deaths of manhole workers, they go into the manholes without any protective gear. The poor worker is only provided with a stick for safety and plunges into the hole topless and without a mask. The poor worker drags himself out the sewage hole after cleaning it out in Dhaka.
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