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Thursday 4 May 2017

Pleasure Turns Pain: See What Happened to a Lady Who Used Cassava as a Dildo to Pleasure Herself (Photos/Video)

The woman in hospital and the s*x object
A lady who was sad that she couldn't get a boyfriend and decided to use cassava as a s*x toy, has regretted her act after the massive dildo got stuck in her private part. A woman is currently battling for her dear life after she was hospitalized due to bleeding for pleasuring herself with this piece of improvised dildo (an object which looked like a local cassava) stucked inside her private part.
The incident reportedly happened somewhere in Southeast Asia - Jakarta.
While speaking to reporters after medical doctors performed an immediate operation to remove the s*x object from her genital, she explained that she engaged in the act with the object because she has no boyfriend and can't find one. 
She said that one day she was feeling horney and decided to use the 18 inches Cassava root (a certain kind of potato crop that grows in Asia ) and use it as a dildo. 
She designed it with herself but it accidentally stuck inside. Her V*gina started to bleed, and right away, she called an ambulance and went to hospital. 
Watch the video clip below;

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