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Sunday 25 June 2017

20-year Old Nigerian Sets record, Graduates with a Perfect CGPA in Poland

Olukayode Mobolaju Oluwasona
In a period where several Nigerians have been misrepresenting the country abroad with all sorts of criminality, a Nigerian of Yoruba extraction has made the country proud in Europe. Another young Nigerian has again made academic history in far away Poland, graduating with a Cummulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 5.0 in Computer Technology from the University of Computer Sciences and Skills, Lodz, Poland. 
Already leading in first class from his first semester examinations in Babcock University, 20-year old Olukayode Mobolaji Oluwasona, was among the 17 outstanding students of Babcock University that left Nigeria at the beginning of their 200-level programme in 2014 to continue their undergraduate studies in Poland. 
This was under a special degree exchange programme arranged by Babcock University with the University of Computer Sciences and Skills in Lodz, Poland, where they remained international student until the end of their four-year course. 
Under the arrangement, they had to return to Babcock for their final year in 2016, during which they remained under the monitoring, supervision and mentorship of their lecturers in Poland.

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