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Sunday 25 June 2017

Popular Nollywood Actor Sacked from House by Landlord over Rent

A Nollywood actor has been reportedly kicked out of his apartment in the commercial capital of Nigeria due to suspicious activities and failure to pay his house rent. Nollywood actor, Emeka Rising Ibeh popularly known for his role in the movies; “Isakaba” and “Mr. Ibu The Lecturer “ has been thrown out of his apartment at 7 Nuru Onuwo Street in Surulere - Lagos State after failing to pay for his house rent for 5 years worth N2.5 million naira.
Emeka has been living in the apartment as a ghost tenant over the last five years and could not afford to pay his rent according to the landlord of the house.
Speaking, the landlord of the house confirmed the report that he was thrown out with the help of court.

“As you can see we have eventually thrown out our Emeka with the help of the court.
The apartment was literarily turned into a place for India hemp smokers and camp for prostitutes. It was hell. He said he was a Nollywood practitioner yet he could not pay his rent. 
There was no tactics and tricks in the world that this Emeka didn’t use to avoid paying my rent in the last 5 years running into 2.5 million naira. 
Can you imagine staying in an apartment for five years without paying rent? Such an irresponsible fellow" He angrily concluded.
The actor who was once sacked from the actors guild of Nigeria over thuggery was said to have loads of India hemp and other substance found in the apartment which have been tendered for further investigation, the landlord stated.
Neighbours express happiness over Emeka's exit
“This is a big relief for us because the experience and the things that happened here was unimaginable.
Sometimes in the night you will hear ladies screaming for help in the apartment and when we go to knock, Emeka will say they are acting movie. 
At another time it will be the smoke of India hemp with all kinds of funny looking characters claiming to be Nollywood actors.
It was not a palatable experience that is why the whole compound celebrated the day he was thrown out by the court like a piece of rubbish that he truly is. We are free at last” a neighbour said under the condition of anonymity.

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