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Thursday 8 June 2017

Heartbreaking: See the NYSC Member Who Died After Suffering From Aplastic Anaemia (Photos)

A member of the National Youth Service Corps has died a really tragic death after suffering from Aplastic Anaemia. Obafemi Oluwatimilehin Paul, a corps member, who was serving in Kebbi state lost his life after suffering from aplastic anaemia.
Obafemi reportedly recently graduated from Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA).
He was posted to Kebbi state for his NYSC where he got sick and was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, which is the deficiency of all types of blood cell caused by failure of bone marrow development.
He was then redeployed to Oyo state and was admitted to University college hospital, Ibadan until his death.
Mourning his death, one of his friends, Nathaniel Obafemi wrote:
"Brother, my heart bleeds for my fallen brother Obafemi Oluwatimilehin Paul I have failed you. I should have stopped serving my Father land and just concentrate on taking care of you. NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE CORPS failed you and I also failed you. I was busy going for DG'S cup for the National Youth Cultural and Sports Festival making Kebbi state proud and leaving you to suffer! 
"You told me how much you were suffering and I couldn't help you. Please, forgive me.
"1. I regret serving my Father land
"2. I regret us going to Kebbi state to serve. I chatted with the Director General of NYSC "KAZAURE"
"I told him how much you are suffering, instead of him putting a call through to the State coordinator Oyo state, all he said was "meet Oyo state cord"..
"You served and died and you died for your country. I don't blame people trying to redeploy after being posted to far states such as the Northern States. I love you brother. You left me Yesterday night... So painful....Rest under the Bossom of GOD.  YOUR ONLY PARENT" YOUR MOTHER MISSES YOU' Nysc failed you!!!"

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