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Thursday 8 June 2017

Nigerian Couple's Doggy Pose Pre-Wedding Photos Causes Commotion on Social Media (Photo)

The controversial pre-wedding photo that has caused commotion online
People are talking about a controversial pre-wedding post in which a man was seen in a doggy style pose with his woman. A couple have set social media abuzz after a photo showing them in doggy style pose for their pre-wedding shot surfaced online.
The unknown couple who are seen in a happy mood could be posing in the middle of the road with the man standing at the woman's back while she bent her body.
"Though all these pre-wedding pictures are hilarious, they nonetheless are somewhat distasteful ( I am not judging o). Why would someone grab boobs, form doggy style, pose in a Mouth Gig position etc. as pre-wedding shot? It is as if all they would be doing after marriage is having s*x. I wonder where we missed it o! No wonder infidelity and divorce rates are astronomical. I wish the couple God's very best," someone noted.
Another added: "Asked a girl her favourite style and she said doggy coolIt is well"
"Naa its not sexy at all. How can u be on doggy pose with that umbrella gown..? undecided," someone else wrote.
But someone called it signs of the end time and wrote: "SIGN OF END TIMES  angry cheesy."

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