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Saturday 24 June 2017

Man and Married Woman Made to Have S*x Publicly After Being Caught Pants Down (Photos)

The cheating man being paraded
A young man reportedly based in the Southern part of Nigeria was made to take a stroll through hell fire by an angry mob after he was caught in a s*x romp with a married woman. According to the story shared on June 22 by Felix from Delta State, a man was caught having s*x with a married woman.
Both parties were paraded unclad and allegedly made to have s*x publicly as onlookers recorded the p*rnographic details. The actual location of the incident has become a bone of contention on social media.
"I am not pretty sure where it happened but the culprits were heard speaking Igbo language in what appears to be Anambra dialect. Is this right?" the social media user asked.
The trend of jungle justice has become rampant in Nigeria in recent times as locals have taken the law into their hands.
See more pictures of the dramatic event below:

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