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Saturday 24 June 2017

Pandemonium in Anambra Community as Man Interrupts Wife's Burial Ceremony, Throws Corpse on the Floor (Photos)

The man whose wives were buried
A man whose wife was receiving her burial rites, got into a fight with his in-laws, causing his wife's body to fall out of the coffin while a burial ceremony was ongoing in Nnewi South LGA of Anambra state. There was a mild drama and pandamonium at a burial ceremony held in a community in Nnewi South L.G.A of Anambra State, on June 23rd after it was violently interrupted by the deceased’s husband who was popularly known as “Who Know Man“ over what was termed as 'unresolved issues.' 
According to a report by CFRMagazine, “Who Know Man” married two wives but had issues with the first wife, who she died 3 years ago. However because of the unresolved issue, he refused to bury his first wife and abandoned her in the mortuary.
It was gathered that the deceased was still in the mortuary after 3 years when the man's second wife suddenly died. The man concluded plans to bury the second wife while the other was still in the mortuary. He communicated his decision to the villagers but was strongly opposed by the elders.
They informed him that according to Igbo tradition and custom, he was supposed to bury the first wife who had been in the mortuary since 3 years before dreaming of the latter, but he ignored them all and scheduled the burial ceremony (for the second wife) on Friday, 23rd June 2017.
In what could only be seen in one of the Nollywood movies, the relatives of the first wife led by the elder brother took the man unawares by going to the mortuary, took the deceased (first wife) and stormed the burial ceremony as earlier as 8am to lay their late sister to rest during the lying in state of the second wife.
They (relatives of the first wife) immediately proceeded forcefully to the grave meant to bury the second wife but was strongly opposed by the man and his relations which resulted in a free-for-all fight. One of the coffins was thrown to the floor as you can see in the photos.
When the man saw that the relatives of his first wife would bury her in the grave he already prepared for the latter, he immediately mobilized some people to quickly bury her (second wife) but it was already late as the relatives of the former overpowered them and successfully buried their late sister.
However peace was brokered by the members of the Nigerian Police force led by DPO, SP Lucky, who immediately arrived the scene when the fight was at its peak.

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