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Wednesday 19 July 2017

Angry Wife Attacks Husband's Side Chick, Beats Her Mercilessly and Strips Her Unclad (Photos)

The lady attacked by other woman who acussed her of cheating
A young lady who was accused of sleeping with a married man has been attacked by the man's wife who dragged, beat and stripped her publicly in a shameful way. The screenshots of a video clip have emerged on social media showing how a young lady was attacked by a woman and her friend who accused her of having an affair with her husband. 
In the trending video footage which was posed online, the scorned wife and her friend stormed the residence of the lady in question, as they stripped her totally unclad while punching and beating her in the process.
She was finally dragged outside her apartment in such embarrassing condition.
As at the time of filing this report, the identities of the women and where the incident happened were not ascertained by TORI News.
Here are few comments of Nigerians culled from online;

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