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Wednesday 19 July 2017

I Clothed, Feed My Husband for 13 Years Yet He Married Another Woman - Wife Cries as Court Dissolves Marriage

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An estranged couple who were tired of the marriage and all efforts to reconcile them had failed, have seen their 13 years marriage dissolved by a court in Lagos state. 
After several unsuccessful interventions to save the 13 years marriage between Mr Sunday Okafor and his wife, Adetola, an Igando Customary Court in Lagos on Wednesday, dissolved the union, citing husband’s infidelity.
The President of the court, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, said it was obvious that the estranged couple were tired of the marriage and all efforts to reconcile them had failed.
“Since both parties consented to the dissolution of their marriage, this court has no choice than to dissolve it.
“The court pronounce the marriage between Mrs Adetola Okafor and Mr Sunday Okafor dissolved today, both parties henceforth cease to be husband and wife.
“Both are free to go their separate ways without any hindrance or molestation,” Omilola ruled.
Earlier, the 40-year-old trader, Adetola, had approached the court to end her 13-year-old marriage, citing the husband’s unfaithfulness.
She accused her husband of marrying another wife without her knowledge.
“My husband has been travelling to his village in the name of visiting his elder brother, not knowing that he had married an Igbo woman because I am Yoruba.
“I got to know about his secret marriage when he forgot his wallet at home, I opened it and found several bank deposit slips he used to send money to her.
“I searched for her name on the Facebook and I found several pictures of the woman, my husband with their baby displayed on her Facebook page.
“When I showed my husband the pictures, he did not deny it. My husband has rented an apartment for his new wife very close to our house,” she told the court.
The mother of three also described her husband as an ingrate, saying she married him 13 years ago when he had no job and he is still jobless.
“I have been paying our rent and the children’s school fees since the inception of our marriage.
“I bought phones and clothes for him; I also gave him money to take care of himself but he has rewarded my good deeds by marrying another woman,” Adetola also said.
The petitioner urged the court to terminate the marriage as she was no longer interested.
The estranged husband, Sunday, claimed that his wife pushed him into adultery.
He said, “My wife’s behaviour pushed me into finding solace in another woman. She does not give me happiness, she is so arrogant and does not respect me because she is the one paying our rent and the children’s school fees.
“I was a musical director, she ruined my business because she used to accuse me of dating the women who come to my studio,
so they stopped coming and the business crumbled.
“I can’t pick a call in her presence, she will say I am talking to a woman.”
The 43-year-old Okafor added: “My wife is very dirty, she does not wash or sweep the house, everywhere in the house smells.
“She keeps plates of food for four days or more and I always do the cleaning, bathe the children and wash their clothes because
I am always at home.”
The respondent consented to the dissolution of the marriage, saying “I am also fed up with the union.”

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