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Thursday 27 July 2017

BREAKING News: House of Reps Rules Against Senate, Approves Devolution of Powers to States

House of Representatives
Members of the House of Representatives have voted to devolve power to the states even after it was rejected by the Senate. The House of Representatives has approved the devolution of more powers to states. Many had thought that the agitation for restructuring of the country suffered a setback on Wednesday after the Senate voted to reject a proposal to amend the 1999 Constitution to devolve more powers to the states. 
The amendment seeks to alter the “second schedule, part I & II to move certain items to the Concurrent Legislative List to give more legislative powers to States. It also delineates the extent to which the federal legislature and state assemblies can legislate on the items that have been moved to the concurrent legislative list.”
With the house approving it, it will now be left for the Houses of Assemblies in all the states to decide whether the vote will be signed into law.

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