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Thursday 27 July 2017

So Sad! Nigerian Soldier Beats and Disgraces Lover in Public for Allegedly Pretending to Be Pregnant (Video)

The Nigerian soldier punishing the innocent woman
A shameless Nigerian soldier might have found himself in trouble after brutalizing an innocent woman he accused of lying that she was pregnant. A Nigerian soldier has been caught on camera shamelessly brutalizing and disgracing his lover in public.
The video of the sad incident posted by award-winning Nigerian Author, Dr Akin Othman shows the man and his colleague forcing the woman to frog jump before whipping her mercilessly. 
Speaking in Hausa, the man accused the woman of lying to be pregnant. He lashed her with the whip pouring curses and insults on her.
“Bloody civilian, you have the guts to lie to me! You said you were pregnant when you are not! How dare you to lie to me…?” The soldier shouted.
Many people have reacted to the video calling on the Nigerian Army authorities to prosecute and punish the erring soldier.
Watch video below:

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