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Tuesday 11 July 2017

Checkout the Top 4 Beneficiaries of the Lagos Flood

The destructive Lagos flood which plagued the privileged residents of Victoria Island and Lekki areas has been presumed to put smiles on the faces of some groups of people.
The rainy season is here and Lagosians are not finding it funny, as many neighborhoods within the Lagos Island and its environs have been submerged in flood due to the massive downpour which lasted many hours over the weekend.
As many residents are taking stock and counting their loses, some are already counting their blessings as they have made lots and lots of money from the poor incident.
A visit to the Island over the weekend gave a clearer picture of the level of devastation caused by the unfortunate incident as many families were seen relocating and moving their families to a safer haven till their flooded resident becomes hospitable again, others were seen evacuating water out from their already flooded homes, while some that their houses were not affected were busy with their mechanics trying to fix their cars and make it usable again.
After careful study and research, we were able to come up with the top beneficiaries of the unfortunate incident which has left many families homeless over the weekend in Lagos due to the heavy flood.
Most mechanics on the Island were busy over the weekend either trying to fix cars , get another part for a car or basically trying to dry a car that have been submerged or washed away by erosion due to the heavy water injection of water into the car engines. Mechanics were seen charging exorbitant rates just to flush out water logged engines. In some cases where over ten cars in some compounds were involved, Mechanics were seen moving from cars to cars trying to fix the already water logged engines.
Well the excuse one of them gave for charging so much money is it’s not easy working in a water logged engine and it is dangerous to fix as most of these cars are electric vehicles. Another also said if they think the prices are too high, they should fix it themselves, while others said, island is a rich man’s land, they anyone living on the Island can afford those exorbitant rates.
Touts/Area Boys:
If your car by mistake get stuck in the flood over the weekend, sorry be ready to path away with between Ten thousand Naira (N5,000) to Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000) depending on your car type just to help you push your to a safe zone.
Due to the fact that most homes have been ravaged by the flood, many resident choose to stay in hotels over the weekend pending the time their flooded homes will become hospitable again. Many hotels on the Island during the weekend were either over booked, oversubscribed or not vacant. This led many hotels to stop taking new entries. According to a high end hotel attendance, she said , they have witnessed so many influx which has kept the staff very busy leading to some over staying their shifts to be able to attend to the numerous number of customers coming in.
Cleaners/Cleaning Agency:
Cleaners and cleaning agencies have been busy since the weekend helping several residents on the Island who have massive houses to clean their houses and evacuate their already flooded houses.

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