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Monday 17 July 2017

Man Stabs His Own Brother to Death in Broad Daylight...Why He Did It Will Leave You Speechless

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A man who got terribly incensed with his brother's unacceptable action, has reacted in an unbelievably fatal manner. The Kenyan police are currently looking for a 63-year-old man whom sources said killed his brother after a quarrel over a goat.
According to SDE, the argument reportedly started after the victim, David Wanjara, found out that his older brother had sneaked into his home and taken away the goat.
Trouble started when Wanjara went to his brother's home in Kojuma village, Karabondi in Rachuonyo North sub-county and demanded his goat back.
A third brother, who reported the incident to the police said, the suspect attacked Wanjara with a knife, killing him instantly.
The witness said the goat initially belonged to the suspect but he had sold it to his brother to settle his wife's hospital bill several weeks ago.

"However, when his wife died, he decided to claim the goat back. He first attacked him with stones. Wanjara tried to run away but he outsprinted him before stabbing him," he said. 
County police commander John Omusanga said Wanjara died after sustaining serious injuries on the left side of the chest.

"David died instantly because of the wounds he sustained in his chest. The suspect disappeared after the incident. We are still looking for him," said Omusanga.

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