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Saturday 1 July 2017

Exposed! Abattoir in Edo Where Animals are Killed and Processed in a Dirty Gutter (Photos)

A yet to be identified abattoir in Edo State, South-south part of Nigeria appears to have sacrificed personal hygiene on the altar of profitability. 
The butchers using the gutter 'graciously'
A concerned Nigerian man has raised an alarm following how animals are being killed and unhealthily processed in slaughter house/abattoir in Edo State.
According to an online report, the animals including endangered species are killed in the abattoir and are washed in a gutter and environment filled with dirty water before they are sliced and sold to customers. 
The 'whistleblower' failed to provide the actual location of the abattoir which begs for the intervention of responsible government agencies to prevent the viral spread of diseases and infections.

See photos below;

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