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Saturday 1 July 2017

Your Husband Has Been Having S*x With Me - 13-year-old Maid Tells Her Madam

A Nigerian woman has broken down in tears after the 13-year-old housemaid revealed that her husband has been having s*x with her since she went for a seminar. 
The 14-year old marriage between a couple, Osieme and his wife, Nonye (surname withheld) has crashed after the mother of four returned from a trip, discovered used condoms in her room and their 13-year old house help told her it was her husband that used it on her when she was not around.
The revelation made by PM Express revealed that the incident happened at Nnewi Town where the husband sells motor spare parts at the Nkwo market in Nnewi Local Government, Anambra State but the couple are from Umuchu Town in Aguata Local Government Area in the Anambra State.
Narrating how it happened, the maid told her madam that since she came to their house, she has been sharing her husband with her and was unable to get pregnant because of the condoms.
She explained to her madam that since her husband has been sleeping with her, he was the person that usually packed them and probably he forgot the ones she found in their bedroom.
Osieme used to live in Lagos and was at the Ladipo market before his business collapsed and he then moved to Nnewi. It was gathered that it was while he was struggling to pick up in business that he met Nonye who was a senior civil servant and they later got married according to Igbo tradition and thereafter formalised with a church wedding.
Nonye obtained some loans and gave Osieme to support his business and bought him a Space Wagon Car for the smooth running of his business. Nonye was also said to have given him some money to start a building project in their village.
However, when things turned round for Osieme, he started flirting around; chasing other women including widows. These had resulted in constant quarrels and fighting which both families had tried to resolve but Osieme continued.
It was gathered that Nonye traveled to Abuja for a seminar, returned and found the condoms littered under their matrimonial bed.
She was surprised because they have never used condom since they got married and had to summon the house girl to ask to know how many women her husband brought into the house when she was not around.
The girl told her that she did not see her husband with any woman.
She then threatened to deal with her and showed her the used condoms, accusing the girl of lying to her who was even her relation that brought her over to train her. The house girl then told her madam what happened and she broke down in tears.
Nonye later parked her property, picked her children with the house girl and left the flat at Nnewi to Onitsha where she is now living with her children.

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