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Monday 17 July 2017

Frustration: Passengers Left Stranded in Lagos as London-bound Medview Aircraft is Delayed

Medview Airline
Many air passengers have been frustrated and stranded in Lagos as the London-bound Medview aircraft is delayed. No less that 150 passengers of Medview Airline were stranded at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos, weekend following the airline’s inability to airlift them to London, Premium Times reports.
In a statement released on Sunday, the airline said the delay was due to “operational reasons”, adding that the issues would be resolved by 3p.m. on Monday.
It added that it had reached out to the affected passengers.
“We are deeply sorry for all the inconveniences suffered by the affected passengers and everything possible within Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) in aviation is being done to airlift them,” it said.
Passengers, who were originally for a 1:00 p.m. flight, were still not lifted by late Monday afternoon.
The airline could not be reached.
Sources said the airline lodged some of the passengers in a hotel, in accordance with standard practice.
Other aggrieved passengers left for their homes since there was no certainty about when the issues would be resolves, Premium Times reports. 

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