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Monday 17 July 2017

So Tragic! See Man Found Dead with Body Cut Into Pieces Along Ikeja Railway (Graphic Photo)

The body of the unfortunate man killed on the railway
A man has met his untimely death after he was reportedly cut into pieces along Ikeja Railway in Lagos state. The body of an unidentified man has been found dead at National Bus Stop area of Ikeja, Lagos state this morning. The body was cut into pieces. It was gathered that the man might have been cut into two by a speeding train.
Writing on Facebook, a Shina Omoyeni wrote: "W.W"- I mean WICKED WORLD,
How else do you explain this wicked world, when on a Monday morning at the Railway @Ikeja, you see a man dat has been cut into two; legs kept aside and from chest to the head not there again...Horrible sight indeed. naso the world be ooo! God save us.
May our lives not be cut short by WICKED PEOPLE."

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