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Monday 24 July 2017

Hot Shots! How Instagram Big Boy, Hushpuppi Lambasted a Lady Who Asked About His Source of Wealth

Ray Hushpuppi
The source of Hushpuppi's wealth has been questioned yet again by a lady on Instagram especially due to the attention caused from his flamboyant spending and flaunting of wealth. Popular Malaysian-based Nigerian Instagram big boy, Ray Hushpuppi, who has continued to make major headlines online and around the social media in recent times for his controversial flaunting of questionable wealth, has taken it up a notch once again.
A female follower of the Hushpuppi who has been branded the Gucci lord because of his constant use of the designer brand, spoke her mind by asking the Gucci prince what he does for a living considering the fact that he constantly flaunts his wealth on social media.
The lady asked in a polite manner while substantiating her point with the fact that he was once a poor kid. Bemused by the kind of lifestyle he lives, the pretty lady gave examples of the wealthy people in the society stating what they do for a living and what they are known for.
She wrote; “But pardon my manners, we will like to know what you do for a living at least we know dangote is the owner of dangote sugar, cement etc and otedola is the owner of forte oil, while Tony Elumelo is the owner of UBA and a philantrophist. But what exactly do you do? How did the poor kid became a rich kid? I am just a curious Nigerian though.” 
This comment infuriated Hushpuppi who did not fail to give her a piece of his mind. The rich young man responded accordingly; he did not spare the young lady who wanted to make his business and lifestyle her utmost concern.
Here is a screenshot of the lady and Hushpuppi's conversation on Instagram;

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