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Monday 24 July 2017

Man Stares at His Fiancee's Bum in Controversial Pre-wedding Photo

The controversial pre-wedding photo
A man and woman have set the internet buzzing following the release of their controversial pre-wedding photo-shoot. Nigerians are talking about this pre-wedding photo showing a Nigerian man staring seriously at his fiancee's big bum. This comes as many people are inventing different interesting styles so as to trend on social media.
Some believe the trending photo of the man staring at his fiancee's bum is too extreme and is actually putting more emphasis on the woman's body instead of the union or relationship. The photo has circulated online with people offering different opinions on the matter.
Read comments below:
"I don't understand why it hurts when you bite your tongue accidentally 

But it doesn't hurt when you bite it on Purpose

And I also don't understand why you are biting your tongue now

Please act mature."

"Abeg mess inside his mouth sister.... How can he be staring at your bombom like that?"

" Some people will always abuse everything...... You people should not turn this into foolish actbecause I love pre wedding shots... And have not done mine yet."

" I am just imagining what will happen if the lady now releases a massive and explosive bomb on his face
That will be pre wedding shoot gone wrong. I think her massiveness attracted the dude at first place reason he used it. Anyways congrats to them"
" Na WA ooo.. Pre-dis, pre-dat..... Some people now leave their life on social media stuff... Dat is y their marriage don't last.. Because you don't know who wants ur down fall or who likes you.. Is better u keep ur private life private"
"There is nothing you can't see this days on the social media. The other day i saw two couples taking pictures inside Lekki flood. So I ask what are you doing they say it's their pre-wedding pictures."

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