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Tuesday 18 July 2017

Internet Fraud: Singer, 9ice Talks on the Meaning of 'Wire Wire', 'ShaShe' & More on #RubbinMinds (Watch)

9ice speaking at the interview with Ebuka
Nigerian singer, 9ice, has spoken out on the real meaning of 'Wire wire', 'ShaShe' and other slang phrase for Internet Fraud he used in his latest single which was criticized on social media. Multi-award winning Nigerian musician,  Alexander Abolore Adegbola Adigun Alapomeji Ajifolajifaola, popularly known as 9ice, was a guest on Rubbin’ Minds with Ebuja, and spoke about his recent song “Living Things” that caused a stir on social media a while back.
9ice said that “wire wire” (a slang phrase for Internet Fraud) is not a negative term, adding that he’s “all about positivity”, adding that “wire” means money transfer and not what it is portrayed to mean. 
The singer also talked about the Nigerian music industry, its structure and his time in politics. He also talked about his time ‘away’ saying he got a lot of experiences from when he ventured into politics. 
9ice also emphasized on the need for the Nigerian music industry to have a body in order for structure to be in place. He adds that the Performing Musician Association of Nigerian (PMAN) needs to be “dismantled”, adding that he’ll be releasing a new album titled “G.O.A.T” in September.
Watch the interview below:

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