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Tuesday 18 July 2017

Nigerian Woman Releases Disparaging Video of Husband's Alleged Girlfriend on Social Media

Gift Erabor
A married Nigerian woman has shamed a young lady purportedly in a secret romance with her husband who has been spoiling her with gifts. This video is about a Nigerian woman who exposed her husband's side chick in a public appeal to leave her man.
In a series of videos that she posted on Facebook, she indicated that the side chick, Gift Erabor with Facebook ID, Erabor Mamus has always been on the husband's neck and she is insisting that the lady should please leave her husband alone.
Accusing the Gift of being an husband snatcher and witch, she has gone on Facebook to rant angrily and vehemently about the spell Gift and her mom have allegedly cast on her husband.
Married Nigerian women have in recent times been raising alarm over the threats that single young ladies are having in their marriages.

Watch the video below:

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