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Tuesday 25 July 2017

Nigerian Pastor in Netherlands Allegedly Pushes His Wife Down From Upstairs (Graphic Photos)

David Steven and his wife when the going was good
A Nigerian cleric in Europe has been accused of physically abusing his wife who is lying in critical condition at the hospital. A Nigerian pastor named David Steven, from Edo state living in the Netherlands nearly killed his wife by pushing her down from upstairs.
The wife sustained injuries and is battling for her life in hospital, according to reports and pictoral evidences gathered.
Pastor David in trying to refute the rumour said that he did not beat his wife. According to him, he had a misunderstanding with his wife and when she came back, he tried to say some romantic words to her before opening the door for her but surprisingly, he saw his wife in a 'weird' mind state.
It was during the process that the wife mistakenly slipped off and hit her head on the floor. He however urged wives not to lay their hands first on their husbands no matter what the situation is.
Many social media users however disputed his claims. Many of them were of the opinion that he was trying to cover up.
They argued that a real man of God won't come online to defend himself after mercilessly beating his wife. Several African clerics have been more embroiled in controversies more than their congregants in recent times.
See more photos below:

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