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Tuesday 25 July 2017

Young Mother Causes Serious Outrage After Breastfeeding Her Baby While Smoking Bong (Photos)

Kayla Marlow
A woman has caused quite an outrage after she was found breastfeeding her baby while smoking on a bong. Kayla Marlow, a young mum has received a torrent of online abuse after sharing a picture of her breastfeeding, while smoking on a bong.
The young woman shared the image showing her inhaling from the object, while cradling her baby in her other hand.
Her friend, who appears more than happy to help her out, lights the bong while Kayla takes a deep pull.
Marlow then took to Facebook to share the image on a cannabis parenting support group.
She captioned the image with “Need a safe place to share this beautiful picture” and “feeling blessed”.
Shortly after posting the picture, Kayla’s page was bombarded with negative comments.
One user commented: “I’m not against weed, however what they are doing is child endangerment it would be the same if I lit a cigarette in the house with my kids.”
Another added: “If you are going to smoke it do it away from the baby! Staged or not you’re main concern should be feeding your baby, not posting pictures on Facebook.”
One wrote: “Never mind second hand infant smoke inhalation….it’s just cannabis……f** idiots.
“I’m no doctor but I’m pretty sure a newborn child breathing anything besides air is probably bad.”
Kayla, and her friend in the picture, have both closed their Facebook accounts after the furious backlash.

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